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Today, VietCV marks 7 months (and a few days) and the VietCV official blog is finally here 🎉 Here we're going to post all the VietCV related stuffs, including new features, on-site event announcements, bug fixes, technologies we use, hiring info, etc. etc.

Current status:

So what we’ve achieved in these 7 months? Let’s relive our major achievements and improvements (thanks to Thảo’s excellent product management✨).

The CV Templates:

Template board

We’ve worked very hard to deliver stunning CV templates to our users. Today we have 36 stunning templates that make your career shiny. Some of them are replicas of popular CV templates across the web, some others are our own originals. Let me introduce a few templates from our collection that stun me:

Nữ tính

Nữ tính

This lovely template is implemented by Trung. We named this "Nữ tính" however I believe this is gender-neutral. Try changing colors on our CV editor and it will match any gender, any age. Nice work, Trung 👍

Cá tính

This cool template is implemented by Dũng 👏 Stunning turquoise blue with charcoal grey background. B-e-a-u-tiful 💙

Hồ sơ

This template is very stylish as well as quite practical. One of our users asked us to add this into our collection a short while ago, and was implemented by Nhân. Not sure why Nhân & Thảo named this "Hồ sơ" (perhaps ran out of vocabulary, as this is our 36th template) Definetely recommended. Well done, Nhân!

If you have any suggestions/recommendations about our template collection, please feel free to send a request. We always love to hear from you.



One of the things we want to achieve with our product is to change the way people write their CVs. Ever being tired of googling "viết CV như thế nào" while writing your CV on your laptop? We're trying to change that experience.

Currently we offer lots of useful CV writing Tips on a per-section basis. Plus, recently we've introduced yet another type of Tips that work "dynamic" to user input. The screenshot above is one of our experimental Tips, implemented by Nhan, that "diagnoses" your personality using MBTI test, then generate an example self-introduction for you. Interesting, isn't it?

This feature is still in very early stage and we need a lot more improvements. We also welcome any comments, ideas or suggestions you may have!

Dũng did a great job to deliver all these VietTips features. The excellent & intuitive VietTips UI all came through his insight and hard work 👏 👏 👏

Listening to User Voices:

We’ve got over 9000 user subscriptions (as of 03/11/18) and since Day-1 listening to our user voices is the top priority in our team. In order to hear feedbacks from you Trung wrote an excellent “Hỗ Trợ” widget. VetTips

When you post your message on this widget, your message will be transfered to our Slack channel then we discuss possible solutions for your issues. We also try replying to every message via email (if email address is given in your post). So far we've got lots of feedbacks, suggestions, bug reports, etc. etc. We trully appreciate all of them.

And everything else

That's just a sampling of our achievements. Everyday we keep making something that helps you building your successful career. Please stay updated with us 😄



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